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Practice Makes Perfect

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

So I've always been a big fan of making the most of creative moments especially when I'm inspired. What I’ve found is that oftentimes we creatives tend to be Jacks and Jills of all trades, being so good at so many different things that oftentimes it's a challenge to lock into one that we really can focus our time and energy on . 

Early on I used the FranklinCovey system (a really expensive planner system) and purchased a planner style called “Leadership”.  There was a chart in it that explained that the more you try to accomplish the less likely you are to accomplish that goal. If you were to focus on one target you're likely gonna hit the target at a 90 to 100% rate.  If you focus on two targets at once, you're more likely to hit one or both of those targets with less accuracy. By the time you throw in a third target your ability to execute or achieve your proficiency significantly drops. I've really been thinking a lot about the chart.

It was the idea of “execution intelligence” what they call XQ and that's the ability to transform a solid idea into viable business. They're saying that this is one of the things that determines which people win in business in which ones lose.  It is the ability to take smarts in your plans and put them in action. What's even better? How my next move will intergrate and reinforce all of the others. It's on a completely different level.

I have to practice seeing and doing the things that will lead and build on current and future successes. I have to practice saying and doing things that will build up my relationships and interactions with people on a personal and business level. I will develop my XQ to execute with intelligence, which means consistently applying myself and hitting necessary targets. 



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