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Perfect Timing 2x

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

On Friday July 28 two incredible things happened. I was a bridesman in my sisters wedding and Ava’s collaboration with TechN9ne dropped. One was about the business of life, the other about the life of business. I was on a high all that weekend followed by an insane work week of progressing with my rebrand, revamping my website and completing projects for clients.

Ava still surprises me 5 years later!  I’m glad to continue this journey with her brand. I have worked with her in various capacities (album art, photo shoots, event video, website, etc).

Working with her and her family is always an honor, truly.

I’ve been playing a video version of this song at least every other week since this session (anticipating the complete song and album release). So when it dropped I had theme music that Friday.

I have respect for TechN9ne. He’s a legend on and off the mic in KC and beyond. The hospitality was top class. He laughed at the message my dad told me to deliver to him, and gave the exact response my dad said he would give, verbatim.

Regardless of previous happenings, I knew entering this year would be one of new beginnings…I just didn’t have a clue of how many good things would occur, and how they would be interconnected. Unexpectedly over a span of time. As if these moments were meant to be. This timing has been more than perfect. I’ll go as far as giving credit to the Creator and say it’s been divine.

KC Huh KC What????

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