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Once Again

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Yes...I will always represent for my son. Still definitely proud of him. This has been a big year for him, and it'll be a big year for us! At the end of his second event I could just see a certain level of confidence in him. It makes me even happier and more proud than I already was and the biggest take away from all of this is that, just like I had to enter into a new phase when he was born…I realize I now have to enter into a whole new phase all over again as he becomes an adult. A new journey, once again.

If I'm being completely transparent, as a parent there's so many different things that we think about and are aware of that they may not be. Thus we teach and instill.  I think that as parents we sometimes question if we really have equipped our kids with everything that they need and the truth of the matter is there's always something else, right? There are things that I get from my mother and father still no matter how grown I am or what levels I reach.

One thing I instilled in him and his sister over the last 5 years is that when they graduate high school, they should have 3-5 paths, multiple choices that can be explored at any time to be successful.

We are here. We welcome your support. Once again.



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