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Leaders Who Follow

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Fathers Day was amazing. I spent quality time with my son and daughter, just good food, fun and connection. They're both like me in many ways, chill and low key until they turn on beast-mode. Reserved until comfortable, intelligent but quiet, yet they have so many of their own unique traits. My son had me working out my abs. That's how hard I laughed. Seeing them change, evolve and grow…I realize my parenting has had to change, evolve and grow too. Things that have been going well continue to, and things that I have yet to try or think about changing…I'll be implementing. We quickly adjust or eliminate what doesn’t work. I'm real and upfront with my kids...they'll eventually know most things regardless. Having a solid relationship with them in this digital age of rapid come and go advertisements and connections is refreshing. It's all in the process of being a father. Being a family.

I’ve watched the kid who followed me, become his own leader with “On Brand Kicks”. Now I follow him. He sells, trade, cleans and authenticates high end kicks. He also sells accessories and shirts to match. He does this while having college credits, preparing for school in the fall and working 2 jobs. We just did his first show in downtown KC about 2 months ago. As I worked for him at this event (I gladly followed, Lol)…I saw so many things in him that let me know he’s paid close attention to my business transactions, taken notes and even done some of his own work. He tracks all his inventory and sales in spreadsheets, saves his money, handles his own marketing with an occasional assist from me - but he’s a force. My daughter loves art, creates digital animation and is now working on doing lashes and nails (like her aunts). As a dad, I couldn’t be prouder. This continuous journey of being a father keeps me young, encouraged and inspired. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

There’s so much to share and say about this alone - but their journey is unfolding right alongside mine. Follow his page and turn on notifications to see the amazing things he’s doing.

Fatherhood is dope. I love my son, I love my daughter.

To all the fathers out there I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day. Blessings to you and your tribes.



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