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Where It All Started

When meeting new clients or attending business network meetings the question I get the most is what made me choose photography and how long have I been shooting. Starting this blog has been a chance to share my life and tell my story. I'm very private and keep a lot close to me, but have also reached a point where the next level I'm on has required changes.

One includes being able to better connect with audiences to tell their story. I am very professional, but also try to maintain a balance and remain down to earth.

In the early 90’s we lost our home to a fire, including family photos and everything in it.

We almost lost my baby sister too. My mothers love and instinct sent her back into smoke and fire in the black of midnight. At a young age I knew I wanted a wife and family of my own. I knew I never wanted to lose anyone or any family memories. Celebrating my sisters wedding recently was a beautiful and emotional experience as I’m reminded where it all started. Even in my tux I manged to get some b-roll to piece together a BTS video.

The priority was to show up and do my job and enjoy it all. I truly did and I'm thankful for my friends and family. The timing of it all is kind of poetic as I’ve quietly (but officially) relaunched my brand. Cheers to the future for family and entrepreneurship. Family over everything and in the words of great prophet - all money in, no money out. This life means nothing without those who matter most. I do this for my son, daughter and family.

I love what I do, because of who I love even more.



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