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Change of Season

Updated: Jan 22

In the midwest we're experiencing a physical change of season.  We're also experiencing changes in our season with my favorite sports team, the Kansas City Chiefs.  We have now made it back to the AFC championship in our 6th straight year.  Every season is a chance for new things, changes and updates (some expected, some unexpected).

In this current sports season there's uncertainty in the playoffs with every team who is left shooting for the ultimate prize of the Super Bowl trophy. I look at life the same way and the only difference is, instead of competing against another person or another team, I only compete with myself.   I also think about TV shows - how if there's a show that you really like, you're always looking forward to the next season. When one is over you always anticipate the next one to see how the stories and characters  will evolve and change.  

In my life one of the things that keeps me motivated besides being the rock for my son and daughter, being a man of faith, and having supportive friends and family is the anticipation of the changes and updates within every new season. So here's to 2024, cheers to success.  For the sake of clarity, it has nothing to do with a New Year's resolution. I usually start planning my next year ahead of this so while it is important, this is not really a motivating factor. For me the motivating factor is quality of life while pursuing my passion and dreams.  I'm making changes to myself both inside and out.

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