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Passion is a powerful word. When I think about the things that I have passion for (life, family/friends, learning/teaching, building a legacy for/with my children and preparing for the life I want w/ a special woman whomever she may be) it often helps me find where I'm at.

This vlog is titled VIEWS…because my passions fuel my vision. Truthfully, I haven't been as passionate about certain aspects of being a business owner. I think that when you're really good at something you pursue the opportunity in commerce and it's one of the most in powerful feelings. A feeling that makes you fearless. Sometime stagnation can kick in. Other times you reach a ceiling where your vision requires adjustment(s) from scaling bigger and sooner than anticipated.

However, there are times where (like many business owners) you feel as if the more your productivity increases, the more your passion decreases. Being busy and burnout can happen quickly before you notice it. I've been feeling that it's important for me to circle back around to why I do the things that I do and who I truly am to the core. Even as I have evolved and continue to over time, this journey of introspection I’ve taken within the last year reminded me that the other things I'm passionate about have lacked. No, I’m not apathetic about them. It’s been more like me being distracted. I often ask people “if you could do ANYTHING in the world that you love (are passionate about) what would it be and why”? Lately I’ve asked myself a different version of that very question. A good friend of mine with a popular clothing brand and store in the KC area reminded me of this during some very important recent conversations.

As we approach a New Year I'm excited to say that I have some things I'm excited to share in 2024 that I've reignited. A lot of those passions were things that started a fire in me. I still love photography. It will always be something that I love, however on the business side of it…I’ve taken a short hibernation in order to elevate myself to another level, in other ways. This means changing my service/product line up to weddings and websites only.

In the meantime, I'll still capture moments because of the the people and things that I truly care about and will always love. They are the source of my drive. A drive that is fearless.

There's still so much more to discover wandering into the unknown. What are you passionate about? What sacrifices would you make in everyday matters or what things would you do to invest in it? Let the pursuit(s) begin.



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