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Inspired By...

If I were to answer what inspires me the most, I think of what makes me feel free. In terms of my business the number one thing that inspires me is is being able to see my clients happy because of a website that I've produced or a photo or video shoot that I've completed which delivers the exact results that they were looking for. Being able to journal and stamp a moment in time visually is priceless. It truly keeps me inspired.  I'm mostly inspired by my son and my daughter, they're the the reason that I do what I do.  Since their birth, I made a few promises I fully intend to keep. It is because I want to be able to provide a foundation for them in the present while also blazing a trail for them for the future that lights the way and motivates their own path.  This is what I call LEGACY.  The ability to keep your family strong and move forward with every generation seeing more progress than the last. Liberty.

I think about all the things that were accomplished by the men before me.  My grandfather owned 2 businesses at once.  My other grandfather was a chef from Louisiana. I think about how I need to take existing and new endeavors to levels and new heights.

As we approach the Christmas season, and the New Year I’m equally as excited about the holidays as I am the new changes in motion.  Motivation for us all begins within.  I have the things that inspire me…the question is what inspires you?



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