Focus In Life

It's 5:45am and I told myself I wouldn't be a night owl. Now that it's early morning an hour before sunrise I have to decide how and when I'll catch up on sleep. In any event I'm full of energy and excited about life. I have a "drive" that motivates me to focus in life. In photography us skilled artisans have many factors to consider when framing a subject to create what we share with the world. In life we have many factors representative of the many moving parts that make up our habits, relationships, responsibilities, desires, etc.

I'm proud to announce that in a chaotic and unpredictable world I will be sharing bits and pieces of my own moving parts hoping to inspire, educate and refresh . For many years (and for various reasons) I maintained a very low profile and focused on a growing "word of mouth" clientele as I needed to reshape and refocus myself and my craft as a photographer. As a result I hadn't expanded and shared who I am and what I do with the world. This blog/vlog is the perfect avenue to deliver and share with the world. A fresh start. I'm excited to share how I've grown and improved in life and in business with the intent to inspire others and continue my own growth.

The name of my new blog/vlog that will launch tomorrow is called "VIEWS: The Business of Life, The Life of Business". The "focus" is to share everyday life and answer 2 questions; how does business impact ones life? How does life impact ones business? Each post will emphasize one or the other at a time. I will also share behind the scenes of my craft, creative ideas and other "sneak peeks" of what I have in the works outside photography.

To get an inside look, knowledge, creative ideas and/or just find out more about me, sign up! For notifications follow the YouTube link, turn on notifications in Instagram.

Do it all here from the the site and stay tuned. I'm curious...what's your focus in life?

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