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CLIENT GALLERY: "Jessica Patterson Client Appreciation Portraits" October 2022

Hello!  Welcome to your personal gallery and order page for your portrait session.

We enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing so again in the near future!


Below are your gallery images watermarked.  You may choose 3 free digitals which will 

be edited and sent to you directly and added to this page.  You may share this page with

family/friends at your discretion.  It will not affect the storage, use, editing or ordering process

of your images.


You may order additional product.  Complete the order and we will confirm it, the fulfill it.


A) $10.00 - Digital Still

B) $20.00 - Printed Sheet

C) $55.00 - Canvas Wrapped Print (Rectangle)

                   Price range $55.00 - $120.00, 9 sizes available from 8x10 to 30x40 

     $60.00 - Canvas Wrapped Print (Square)

                   Price range $60.00 - $150.00, 4 sizes available from 8x8 to 36x36 

Product Explanation

A) $10.00 - Digital Still

     (High resolution digital image that can be downloaded from your gallery and/or sent via email)

B) $20.00 - Printed Sheet

     (Choose from 4 sizes; one 8x10 per sheet, two 5x7 per sheet, two 4x6 per sheet, 16 wallets per sheet)

C) Canvas Wrapped Print (Rectangle)










     Canvas Wrapped Print (Square)





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