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Marketing Portfolio

Curtis V.


This is my creative portfolio.  My interest in fulfilling the post of Marketing Director at WeCode KC is to leverage the union between technology and creativity. My goal is to invest in young future leaders through consistent and creative marketing that will have an impact.
After being an educator for 13+ years and running my own creative business I believe I am
qualified for this position and can grow with WeCode for a productive long term relationship.

I have an excellent sense of marketing design, social media campaigning and love for
technology. The following galleries are projects categorized by concept and fulfillment

Curtis V


Utilize marketing design, social media campaigning, multimedia and love for
technology to creatively represent and reflect the practices, growth and youth impact of WeCode KC.


  • Education (13 years)

    • Grades K-5 tutoring + assistant, 2001-2003

    • Grades 3-5, elementary para, 2009-2014

    • Grades K-12, technology instruction, 2014-2019

  • Creative Design + Marketing (12 years+)​

    • Digital Blue Box, 2009 - 2012 ​

    • Images By Valentino, 2014 - Present

  • Full Resume below ​

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